Moving at the speed of business

Xeon provides an extensive ground logistics distribution infrastructure, which includes a variety of long distance line-haul, and smaller courier vehicles. Our warehouses doubles as the distribution hub for our line-haul and local distribution service. Our services include, same-day express services, overnight next-day service, and scheduled dedicated fixedload transport.

Xeon operates a fully integrated track-and-trace system with an automated POD return process, using our SAP ERP system. At Xeon we have developed a business model with people, systems and assets to satisfy our customers’ retail logistics requirements. Xeon delivers to all the major retail operations, nationally.

Transportation KPI’s

  • On time collection - Shipments collected on the agreed day within the agreed time-window.
  • On time delivery - Shipments to customers which have been delivered on the agreed day within the agreed time-windows and lead time.
  • Delivery accuracy - The number of sales orders that are shipped with no quantity differences.

Xeon’s reverse logistics service offering allows our customers’ the ability to have damaged, faulty and unsalable products collected from their customers, consolidated and stored at our warehouse prior to determining final disposal. Reverse logistics confirmation at the warehouse confirms the necessary credits to be passed onto the customers.

Our fleet is fitted with the most advanced security and monitoring systems using GPS fingerprint reading, allowing full controllability (speed limiting, auto-switch-off) of the motor vehicles.